Purchase A Gift Certificate From Airborne Adventures

Is there a special event coming up and you just can’t think of something special to give someone? Consider a gift certificate from Airborne Adventures. Birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, graduation, Christmas, Hanukkah, employee of the month, retirement…whatever the occasion, a balloon ride is an experience they’ll never forget.

Gift Certificates are non-refundable but may be given or resold to other persons. Certificates expire two years from date of purchase. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover credit cards, cash or checks as payment. Order your Balloon Gift Certificate on line with our secure on line server. Your order will be emailed directly to us for prompt handling.

Your gift certificate awaits you! We look forward to introducing you to hot air ballooning and enjoying your experience with you. You may also call us to order your certificates and to book your flight. Keep in mind the calendar fills up very quickly and reservations are based on availability, so you should schedule a date well in advance.

RATES: For flights lasting 45-60+ minutes. Read details for Flight Packages:

  • Ultimate Sunrise (Private2): $375 per person.
    +Dawn Patrol option +$75 per person - launch 20 minutes before sunrise
  • Ultimate Evening (Private2): $375 per person
  • Sunrise (Private2): $325 per person
    +Dawn Patrol option +$75 per person - launch 20 minutes before sunrise
  • Evening (Private2): $325 per person.
  • Sunrise (Shared Basket): $275 per person
    +Dawn Patrol option +$75 per person - launch 20 minutes before sunrise
  • Evening (Shared Basket): $275 per person
  • Discount rate:
    -- for 3 persons: $250 per person
    -- for 4 persons: $225.00 per person
    -- for 5 persons: $200.00 per person
    -- for childern under 12 years of age: $175.00 per person

*Note: All flights can be customized. Just ask! Sunrise flights include breakfast with the pilot and crew following the flight. For flights from your yard or other locations not listed on this site, please contact us for pricing and details. Space, geographic location & local airspace regulations will be taken into consideration.
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